Red Rooster Menu Prices

This page offers you to view the actual, up-to-date Red Rooster menu prices in Australia. Apart from these Red Rooster prices, this page also contains information about the delivery from this fast-food chain. At the end of this page with the Red Rooster menu, you will also get additional information about this chain of fast-food restaurants.

Rolls and Wraps

Combo meals include side and drink. Upgrade to a larger Combo for $2.50.

Meal Price
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll (Regular Combo) $11.79
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll (Roll) $8.19
BLT Smash Chicken Wraps (Regular Combo) $11.69
BLT Smash Chicken Wraps (Wrap) $8.99
Crafted BLT Smash (Regular Combo) $12.69
Crafted BLT Smash (Wrap or Roll) $8.99
Crafted Chilli Slaw (Regular Combo) $11.99
Crafted Chilli Slaw (Wrap or Roll) $8.49
Crafted Texas BBQ (Regular Combo) $12.69
Crafted Texas BBQ (Wrap or Roll) $8.99
Flayva Wrap (Regular Combo) $10.99
Flayva Wrap (Wrap) $7.29
Rippa Roll (Regular Combo) $11.19
Rippa Roll (Roll) $7.49
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll (Regular Combo) $11.49
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll (Roll) $7.69
Rooster Roll (Regular Combo) $10.29
Rooster Roll (Roll) $6.49
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap (Regular Combo) $11.19
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap (Wrap) $8.49


Single Meals

Meal Price
Classic Half $12.99
Classic Quarter $10.19
Classic Roast $11.89
Classic Tropicana $11.49



Combo meals include side and drink. Upgrade to a larger Combo for $2.50.

Meal Price
Original Crispy (Regular Combo) $10.89
Original Crispy (Burger) $7.19
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon (Regular Combo) $8.79
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon (Burger) $4.99


Shared Meals

Meal Price
Aussie Favourite (Whole Chicken, Large Gravy, Large Chips, and 1.25L Drink) $21.99
Chicken & Salad (Whole Chicken, Large Garden Salad, Large Crunchy Slaw, Family Chips, and 1.25L Drink) $26.99
Family Roast (Whole Chicken, 12 Roast Veggies, Large Peas, Large Gravy, and 1.25L Drink) $30.99
Good Stuff (Roast Chicken, Family Chips, Large Gravy, Large Crunchy Slaw, and 8 Cheesy Nuggets) $30.00
Mates Share Pack (2 Rippa Rolls, 2 Rooster Rollers, and Family Chips) $25.00
Mega Feast (12 Chicken Pieces, Large Crunchy Slaw, Large Gravy and Mash, 4 Corn Cobs, 2 Large Chips, and 1.25L Drink) $38.99
Whole Roast Chicken $12.99


Box Meals

Upgrade to a larger Combo for $2.50

Meal Price
Bacon & Cheese Rippa Mega Box (4 Chicken Nuggets, Bacon & Cheese Rippa Roll, Pineapple Fritter, Crispy Strip, Regular Gravy, Small Chips, and 375ml Drink) $14.59
Flayva Wrap Mega Box (4 Chicken Nuggets, Flayva Wrap,  Small Chips, Regular Gravy, and 375ml Drink) $13.99
Legends Mega Box (Crispy Strip, Crispy Burger, Small Chips, Regular Gravy, and 375ml Drink) $10.99
Rippa Mega Box (Rippa Roll, 4 Chicken Nuggets, Pineapple Fritter, Crispy Strip, Small Chips, Regular Gravy, and 375ml Drink) $13.99



Meal Price
Buttermilk Chicken Pops (Large) $9.99
Buttermilk Chicken Pops (Regular) $5.99
Chips (Family) $6.29
Chips (Large) $4.59
Chips (Regular) $3.29
Corn (1 Cob) $2.39
Corn (4 Cobs) $6.99
Crispy Onion Rings $3.10
Crunchy Slaw (Large) $6.49
Crunchy Slaw (Regular) $3.99
Garden Salad (Large) $3.99
Garden Salad (Regular) $2.99
Garlic Bread $3.59
Gravy (Large) $3.99
Gravy (Regular) $3.19
Loaded Large Chips w/ Chicken and Gravy $5.00
Mash & Gravy (Large) $4.59
Mash & Gravy (Regular) $3.49
Peas (Large) $4.49
Peas (Regular) $3.49
Roast Veggies (3 pieces) $3.99
Roast Veggies (6 pieces) $6.49



Meal Price
Cheesy Nuggets (4 pieces) $3.49
Cheesy Nuggets (8 pieces) $5.79
Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) $3.49
Chicken Nuggets (8 pieces) $5.79
Crispy Strip $2.19
Pineapple Fritter $2.29
Potato Bites (12 pieces) $4.00
Potato Bites (6 pieces) $2.00
Red’s Dippas Box (6 Cheesy Nuggets, 4 Wings, 10 Potato Bites, 2 Sauces) $10.95
Wings (2 pieces) $3.00



Meal Price
Apple Bites (4 pieces) $2.19
Chocolate Mousse $2.99
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake $2.99
Golden Gaytime $3.29
Magnum Classic $3.99
Paddlepop $1.00


Kids’ Menu

Meal Price
One Main (Cheeseburger, Drumstick, or 3 Nuggets) $4.50 for the menu (one main, one side, and one drink)
One Side (Small Chips or Regular Peas) $4.50 for the menu (one main, one side, and one drink)
One Drink (Pop Top or 250ml Water) $4.50 for the menu (one main, one side, and one drink)


Hot Beverages

Meal Price
Regular $3.00
Large $3.50

Red Rooster Menu

As you can see from this Red Rooster menu, this fast-food restaurant chain is centered around roast chicken meals. We would especially recommend you to order rolls and wraps, chips, burgers, and single meals, when you drop in one of the chain’s restaurants to eat something.

But if you come with your friends or family, we recommend you to make your choice out of box meals and shared meals. This Red Rooster menu offers pretty solid value on such purchases, which is, indeed, very cool. Red Rooster chicken appears to be, indeed, the core of this menu, and we suggest you to order it with some Red Rooster chips.

Red Rooster Menu Prices

First of all, we should point out that these Red Rooster menu prices are naturally listed in Australian dollars. This extensive menu contains up-to-date Red Rooster prices, and we strive to do our best to keep them as actual and up-to-date as possible. But if you notice that any of the Red Rooster menu prices required update, please report it to us and we will immediately correct it.

Red Rooster Menu Prices

This page clearly shows that the Red Rooster menu prices tend to be rather low as for Australia. Actually, this causes such popularity of this fast-food chain in Aussie. But if you are able to take advantage of the box and shared meals, you can benefit from the Red Rooster prices even more!

Red Rooster Prices

As we have just pointed out in the section above, many people tend to flock to this fast-food chain thanks to the low Red Rooster prices. This page contains the entire Red Rooster menu with prices, though delivery prices might slightly differ. If you will ever need to see the updated Red Rooster prices, you can visit this page again.

Red Rooster Delivery

When it comes to Red Rooster delivery, we have to stress that Red Rooster doesn’t deliver to all areas in Australia. But if your area within the Red Rooster delivery reach and you won’t receive your order within 30 minutes, you will get a free Whole Roast Chicken. Currently, Red Rooster delivers from more than 220 restaurants in Australia. In order to see whether Red Rooster delivery can reach your neighborhood, please go to the following page:


Red Rooster Specials

Red Rooster specials and promotions change from time to time, so, at a certain point, this information can be outdated. At the time of writing this article, there were three Red Rooster specials available:

  • Two Roast Chickens from $20.
  • Smoky Cheese & Bacon Burger Meal from $5.
  • Newly introduced Crispy Onion Rings.

You can stay updated about the Red Rooster specials by accessing this page:

About Red Rooster

Red Rooster appears to be an Australian fast-food chain that is centered around serving roast chicken meals. The chain was founded back in 1972, and today it has more than 360 Red Rooster restaurants in Australia. Red Rooster also tends to be a sister company of Chicken Treat and Oporto, both of which (as well as Red Rooster) are owned by Craveable Brands.

Yet, there are many other popular fast-food restaurant chains that are centered around chicken meals. For instance, you can check the Chick Fil A menu prices.

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