Bonefish Grill Menu Prices

Bonefish Grill tends to be an American chain of casual restaurants, which specialize in serving seafood meals. On this page, you can always see the latest, up-to-date Bonefish Grill menu prices. Besides, here you can discover about the Bonefish Grill happy hour menu and gluten free options. At the end of this page, you will be able to find some Bonefish Grill reviews.

Seafood Specialties

Meal Price
Cold Water Lobster Tails (Double) $29.90
Cold Water Lobster Tails (Single) $17.90
Crab-crusted Cod $21.50
Dynamite-style Shrimp $19.90
Pecan Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout $20.90
Tilapia Imperial $20.90


Grilled Fish

Meal Price
Ahi Tuna Steak $19.50
Atlantic Salmon (Large) $20.50
Atlantic Salmon (Small) $18.30
Chilean Sea Bass (Large) $30.90
Chilean Sea Bass (Small) $28.20
Georges Bank Scallops and Shrimp $20.20
Rainbow Trout $18.90
Tilapia $16.90
Fresh Catch of the Day Market Price


Starters and Sharing

Meal Price
Ahi Tuna Sashimi (Large) $19.20
Ahi Tuna Sashimi (Regular) $12.50
Bang Bang Shrimp $10.90
Calamari $10.90
Classic Ceviche $9.90
Edamame $5.10
Maryland Crab Cakes $13.50
Mussels Josephine (PEI) $11.50
Saucy Shrimp $10.70
Thai Coconut Shrimp $10.50
Wagyu Beef with Ginger Potstickers $9.20


Hand Helds

Meal Price
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos $14.50
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos $13.90
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl $14.50
Cod Fish with Chips $15.90
Half-Pound Wagyu Beef Burger $14.90
Shrimp Pad Thai $14.90
Spicy Tuna Bowl $15.90


From the Land

Meal Price
Bone-in Ribeye Steak (18 oz.) $28.30
Filet Mignon (6 oz.) $22.30
Filet Mignon (8 oz.) $25.90
Fontina Pork Chop $17.70
Lily’s Chicken $15.90
Sirloin and Crab Cake Dinner $20.90
The Angler’s Sirloin Steak $17.50


Salads and Soups

Meal Price
Bonefish Cobb Salad $15.90
Bonefish House Salad $4.90
Classic Caesar Salad $4.90
Corn Chowder with Lump Crab (Bowl) $5.90
Corn Chowder with Lump Crab (Cup) $4.90
Grilled Salmon Superfood Salad $16.90



Meal Price
Bonefish Pomegranate Martini $8.70
Contemporary Cosmo $9.40
Espresso Martini $9.10
Fresh Pineapple Martini $9.40
Fresh Raspberry Martini $9.10
Infused Manhattan $9.90
Tropic Heat Martini $9.40
Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini $9.40



Meal Price
Creme Brulee $7.90
Doughnuts $5.90
Jen’s Jamaican Coconut Pie $6.90
Key Lime Pie $7.20
Macadamia Nut Brownie $7.90


Bonefish Grill Prices

In fact, we make a lot of effort in order to keep these Bonefish Grill menu prices as fresh as possible. That actually implies that you are able to bookmark this page and access it whenever you need to see the recent Bonefish Grill prices. As you can see, that may be quite convenient.

Yet, there are two things you have to keep in mind. First of all, you must be aware that the Bonefish Grill menu prices may differ between the company’s restaurants. Another thing is that there is a chance that these Bonefish Grill prices might slightly vary with the actual prices at the restaurants. If this happens, you may consider to report the new prices to us!

Bonefish Grill Menu Prices

As you may expect, the Bonefish Grill prices tend to be higher than those at fast-food restaurants. Since this is a chain of casual restaurants, you expect the respective level of services and prices. For instance, you can expect the Bonefish Grill menu prices to be somewhat on the level of the Ruby Tuesday menu (which is also a casual restaurant chain).

Given that, however, there are barely any ways of benefiting from these Bonefish Grill menu prices. This means that there are neither combo meals nor discounted options available on the menu. There is, nonetheless, one way how you can take advantage of the Bonefish Grill prices: you can visit its restaurants during the happy hour (read below).

Bonefish Grill Happy Hour Menu

Indeed, there is a happy hour at Bonefish Grill. But you have to keep in mind that the Bonefish Grill happy hour might not be available in all restaurants of this chain. Besides, the Bonefish Grill happy hour menu is available only in the bar-area (except of drinks). So, the happy hour at Bonefish Grill is from 4:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. every day (including weekends).

And here is the actual Bonefish Grill happy hour menu:

  • Happy Hour Bar Bites for $6 (Small Plates): Old Bay Seasoned Fries, Crispy Calamari, Shrimp Toast, Crispy Broccoli, Wagyu Beef Sliders, Crispy Cod Sliders.
  • Martinis and Cocktails for $5: Fresh Margarita, Raspberry Vodka Collins, Tropical Tiki Martini, Blueberry Lemon Drop.
  • House wines for $4 per glass.
  • Mixed drinks for $6.
  • $1 off draft beers.

Bonefish Grill Gluten Free Menu

One of the great things about this restaurant chain is that it provides its customers with gluten free meals and has published this Bonefish Grill gluten free menu on its website. In this part of our article, we will disclose this menu.

However, there are a few things we would like to stress. First of all, you should keep in mind that there is a risk of cross-contamination, so request the server to exclude this possibility. Another thing is that you should request the server to bring exactly gluten-free meals.

So, these is the Bonefish Grill gluten free menu:

Starters & Sharing:

  • Prince Edward Island Mussels Josephine.


  • Bonefish House Salad
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Bonefish Cobb Salad
  • Grilled Salmon Superfood Salad
  • Toppings: Wood-Grilled Salmon, Wood-Grilled Shrimp, Wood-Grilled Chicken.

Grilled Fish:

  • Chilean Sea Bass
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Georges Bank Sea Scallops & Shrimp
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Choose Sauces: Freshly Grilled Lemon, Lemon Buffer, Chimichurri, Mango Salsa or Lime Tomato Garlic Sauce.

From The Land:

  • Lily’s Chicken
  • The Angler’s Sirloin Steak
  • Bone-In Ribeye Steak
  • Filet Mignon
  • Add to your entrée: Cold Water Lobster Tail, Oscar-Style, Wood-Grilled Shrimp Skewer.

Seafood Specialties:

  • Dynamite-Style Shrimp
  • Cold Water Lobster Talls.

Signature Sides:

  • Jasmine Rice
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Garlic Whipped Potatoes.

Premium Sides:

  • Steamed Asparagus.


  • Seasonal Crème Brulee
  • Macadamia Nut Brownie.


  • California Omelet
  • Oscar Omelet.

Bonefish Grill Nutrition

So, you might have a wish to find out about the Bonefish Grill nutrition before you visit one of its restaurants. In that case, we can help you with that! In order to see the full Bonefish Grill menu nutrition, please click on this button:


Bonefish Grill Gift Card Balance

One of the advantages of this restaurant chain is that you can purchase a Bonefish Grill gift card and top it up. Then, you will be able to either top it up or present to one of your friends. So, if you would like to check the Bonefish Grill gift card balance or purchase such a card, please click here:


Bonefish Grill Reviews

As we have already pointed out above, Bonefish Grill is a casual restaurant chain. What sets it apart from other restaurant chains is the commitment to spotless, close-to-ideal cooking of fish and seafood meals. Bonefish Grill is really dedicated to serving top-notch seafood meals, and it can deservedly be named one of the best seafood restaurants in the U.S.

When it comes to the restaurant’s service, all the Bonefish Grill reviews show that the service is close-to-perfect, while the cleanliness is absolute in the restaurants. Even though that, of course, has had some effect on the prices, the restaurant’s service undoubtedly deserves some praise. The menu is quite rich and authentic – some of the meals on this menu you will not find elsewhere.

Considering that there are more than 215 Bonefish Grill restaurants, you can be sure that you will find a good seafood restaurant around you. If you want to get a decent service in a seafood restaurant, this is a good place to go.

Have you ever visited Bonefish Grill restaurants? Well, then you can leave your own Bonefish Grill reviews in the comments section of this page.

About Bonefish Grill

So, Bonefish Grill was founded just back in 2000 by Tim Curci and Chris Parker in St. Petersburg, Florida. Nowadays, this chain of casual seafood restaurant has more than 215 restaurants in 28 American states – 210 out of them are owned and run by the company. Currently, the headquarters of this company is located in Tampa, Florida.

Bonefish Grill Menu Prices

Apart from this Bonefish Grill menu with prices, you can also find menus of other restaurants on our website. For instance, you can have a look at the Cheddars menu prices.

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