Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices

This page contains the actual, up-to-date Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu prices. In this article, you will also find out about the Mountain Mike’s Pizza buffer and sizes. As you will see, the prices here are quite beneficial, and you would definitely have a wish to visit one of the pizza restaurants of this chain. Enjoy!


Meal Price
Diamond Head or St. Helens (Mini) $6.99
Diamond Head or St. Helens (Small) $12.99
Diamond Head or St. Helens (Medium) 16.99
Diamond Head or St. Helens (Large) $20.99
Diamond Head or St. Helens (Mountain) $32.99
Create Your Own (Mini) $5.99
Create Your Own (Small) $11.99
Create Your Own Medium) $14.99
Create Your Own (Large) $17.99
Create Your Own Mountain) $29.99
Other Pizzas (Mini) $8.99
Other Pizzas (Small) $14.99
Other Pizzas (Medium) $21.99
Other Pizzas (Large) $25.99
Other Pizzas (Mountain) $39.99



Meal Price
Buffalo Wings (12 pieces) $9.99
Buffalo Wings (24 pieces) $16.99
Buffalo Wings (6 pieces) $5.99
Chicken Tenders (5 pieces) $6.99
French Fries $2.99
Garlic Bread $3.99
Garlic Bread With Cheese $4.99
Garlic Sticks $4.99
Garlic Sticks With Cheese $5.99
Mozzarella Sticks (8 pieces) $5.99
Onion Rings $4.99



Meal Price
Grilled Chicken Breast $7.95
Ham Sandwich $6.99
L.A. Hot Sandwich $7.99
Meatball $7.99
Mountain Hero Sandwich $6.99
Pastrami Sandwich $6.99
Pizza Sandwich $7.99
Salami Sandwich $6.99



Meal Price
Salad (Small) $4.99
Salad (Large) $7.99



Meal Price
Diet Pepsi (2 Liter) $2.99
Dr. Pepper (2 Liter) $2.99
Pepsi (2 Liter) $2.99
Root Beer (2 Liter) $2.99
Sierra Mist (2 Liter) $2.99


Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu

As you can see from this Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu, the entire menu of this restaurant chain is not limited solely to pizza. Apart from that, there are a variety of appetizers on offer, including French fries, garlic bread, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, garlic sticks, buffalo wings, and chicken tenders.

If you want to taste something else than pizza, there are other meals on the Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu, too. For instance, a variety of sandwiches will definitely make your meal more varied. Additionally, you can also order a salad, but the number of sandwiches is really not that impressive – there is only one salad option available.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices

When it comes to the Mountain Mike’s Pizza prices, they are really not high and tend to be rather lower than the prices at other popular pizza restaurants. But if you want to lower the costs as much as possible, you should definitely come with a big company and order a mountain pizza – there is no such offer available elsewhere. So, as you can see, the Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu prices tend appear to be rather moderate.

Mountain Mike's Pizza Menu Prices

It is also worth to point out that the drinks at Mountain Mike’s Pizza are sold only in 2-liter bottles/cups. Basically, you can well see that in our Mountain Mike’s Pizza menu prices. But overall, the prices are, once again, are pretty low and only prompt customers to eat and drink a lot.

About Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Mountain Mike’s Pizza appears to be an American chain of pizza restaurants, all of which are scattered across the West Coast of the United States. Moreover, most of those restaurants are located in Northern California. Currently, there are more than 200 Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations in the United States. Also, there are locations in such states like Utah, Oregon, and Nevada.

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